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Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Happy Anniversary Vernon

Today is our 15th Wedding Anniversary,  time has just flown by,  cant believe its 15 years.
I made this card using an embossing folder, you may have remembered on the pinterest challenge I did four cards using this versatile folder well here's another one.
I used red miri card to emboss on and the spray is red feathers, white die cut leaves,  white ribbon which hang two die cut heats,  they are not showing up in the picture very well each has a number on them,  and red silk roses.
While I was making this card he walked into the craft room,  a quick cover up was required hopefully he did not see anything before I gave him the card today.  Its great we are retired but there are times when you just need a bit of time to do anything you don't want them to see,  if you know what I mean.
This card has been a very difficult card to photo so I hope its come out OK.
Have a great day,

Sunday, 13 August 2017

CD Sunday Challenge - Past times

Another fortnight has gone by and time for another challenge on the CD Sunday Challenge blog,  this time the choice is Jane's and her choice is Past times.
I chose for this challenge Art Deco,  from the CD Art Deco - Timeless keepsakes card creations,  this is one of my favorite CD's.  I used the image and matching backing paper for the card,  matted the images on silver card and used a piece of lace across the card.  I finished off the card with Art Deco peel offs.
I hope you will visit the CD Sunday Challenge site, and remember if you want to enter the challenge you must use something from a CD no matter how small and let us know which CD you used.  Here is a link to CD Sunday Challenge blog  we would be pleased to see you.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Tenerife - Best Jacaranda Hotel

This is pictures of our holiday in Tenerife in June,  Yes a bit late but better late than never,
We stayed at the Best Jacaranda Hotel,   I must say this was a lovely hotel and we are planning to go back again,
At the top is the enterence to the hotel
The following pictures are the swimming pools area on the ground floor,  there are five swimming pools, two for the kids,  the first picture is the pool bar which is under the waterfall.   I took the pictures from the lift which goes up to the 5th level

The waterfall is on the right of the picture,
There are two more swimming pools on the 5th level with more sun beds and a pool bar with a moat around from the moat the water goes down the waterfall.

This is a picture of the waterfall and below the lifts which go up to the 5th level.

The view from our room,  overlooking the Atlantic Ocean

These pictures are my cocktails which I had over the seven nights,
in the piano bar.

This one had a decoration of banana and apple.  Bananas are grown on Tenerife

The decorations are lemon peel twisted in all directions

This one had an apple made into a dice,  with the dots marked on it,  not sure how they did that one,

The rose was given to the ladies as they went into the restaurant on the last night, I brought mine home and put it in water,  it lasted seven days,  and had a lovely perfume.

Well thats the hotel,  watch out for another post about Tenerife to come soon.


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Facebook Tat Along by Alenalea

Another day of sunshine and heavy showers,
This is a tat along by Alenalea tatting on Facebook,  it's a lovely pattern to tat and this is round 6, tomorrow Wednesday the final part will be added to her Facebook page.
I am using Lizbeth white and Grape Pizzaz no 20 thread.
I wont be around to get the next part until the weekend, so by then Fox will be finished.
Have a lovely week, me I am having the 2nd injection in my eye.

Monday, 31 July 2017

Pinterest challenge by the Pin chicks


Its time for us Pin chicks to show our pinterest items we chose to try.

These four cards were made using the same embossing folder, and I think it shows how versatile the folder can be.   There are a lot of designs of this folder on Pinterest for many different occasions.
I have made two for christmas and two for birthdays.

I used a range of flowers, ribbons and dies with feathers and peel offs dots to enhance the cards,  with peel offs words

 This is my next pin for this month, which I started on holiday,  yes this is the total sum of my tatting in Tenerife.

And this is what it is a Bookmark,  I used Lizbeth thread no 20 in Grape Pizzaz.
The tail is a spiral chain and the flower is the middle ring with the same count around as the bookmark which put together made a flower

This is my final part of the Pin,  it was going to be a pair of earrings, well the red Lizbeth thread is my try of the pattern, only the bead in the middle is too big.  So I started again with the blue Lizbeth thread Niagara Falls in no 20,  white beads and turquoise beads on the outside,  The large bead is still slightly too big but smaller than the red one.  Unfortunately I have only made one,   but I will make another one which I will blog at a later date.
I have put a picture of the pattern as it is on Pinterest.

Yes I seem to have done a lot this time but it was over two months.
I have no idea what the other ladies have done,   if anything but I will give you the links to their blogs for you to pop over and have a look.
Carollyn,     Suzanne,    

We are always looking for bloggers who would like to join us,  if you are interested and are only rule is that you have a blog,  we would be pleased to see you.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

CD Sunday Challenge - Anything goes

Time for another challenge at the CD Sunday challenge blog,  this time it is Carols choice for the challenge,  and its anything goes.  Remember it is anything goes but something on the card has to come from a CD.
For this card I used Joanna Sheens CD Jane Netley Mayhew,  we hear an owl every night at the moment so I thought this beautiful image would be nice to use.,  and the backing paper from the image.
I used the free gift from the tatted lace magazine of a  Jigsaw die,  just to make an interesting effect on the image.   I matted the image on bronze glitter card,  and then on gold card and added a brown velvet ribbon bow.
I hope you will visit the CD Sunday Challenge site, and remember if you want to enter the challenge you must use something from a CD no matter how small and let us know which CD you used.  Here is a link to CD Sunday Challenge blog  we would be pleased to see you.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Facebook Tat Along


Hope you are keeping well,   this is the next piece to the Facebook Tat Along by Alenalea,  this is round five,  very easy round,  we are now waiting for the next round.
I used Lizbeth thread in Grape Pizzaz no 20 for this round.
Have a lovely day